The best solution

Do you need a new way in your life and you probably found the best solution, but you don´t know how to realize it? If you would like to tell your girl that she is the best girl in the whole world and you would like to stay with her all your life, we can help you. There is Prague proposal that can help you with features of your day. It is clear that everything must be perfect; you cannot offer her wedding in poor restaurant or at home. If you want to surprise her, we have three packages that you can choose. First is with romantic dinner in gardens under the Prague Castle, where gardens will be closed only for you. Everything will have nice decoration and you will feel absolutely great – perfect atmosphere for you plan.

We can help you

Our second offer is also with romantic, nice spa procedures that will show you absolutely different world. You will stay in five-star-eco-chic luxury chateau, in presidential apartment that can be your dream. There is also possibility to go on observatory, so all stars will be with you. And second possibility is individual proposal, so you can tell us your own plan and we will realize it.